The heartbreaking scene involving Shireen will be there in the books

The terrible Game of Thrones scene from the Dance of Dragons episode was George RR Martin's idea

If you haven’t yet watched Game of Thrones season 5, then we suggest that you skip this post as there are spoilers in the post.

Game of Thrones season 5 was highly controversial and people were really angry about the scene involving Sansa Stark and also heartbreaking scene involving Shireen.

People were shocked when they saw the tragic demise of Shireen Baratheon. People never expected a strong person like Stannis, who loved his daughter dearly to let Melisandre sacrifice his daughter. Many people were angry and protested against the scene and the show creators had to give a statement regarding the scene.

It was set-up by the predicament that Stannis was in. It will be awful to see, but it’s supposed to be awful.

Now it turns out that this idea has been in George R.R. Martin‘s mind since a long time. Cinema Blend has pointed out that there is a segment in Game of Thrones season 5 Blu-ray in which George R.R. Martin says that it has been his intention that Shireen would be sacrificed by her father and burned alive.

The important thing to be noted is that Shireen is still alive in the books and people weren’t sure if she would meet the same end in the books. However after this clarification from George R.R. Martin, we feel that we might encounter the tragic event in the upcoming 6th book.

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