Game of Thrones fans confuse George R.R. Martin with Beatles producer and mourn his death

On Wednesday the news broke out that music producer George Martin died and it resulted in some unusual events. Sir George Martin was a legendary music producer, who was also known as the Fifth Beatle and his work spanned over 6 decades in the music, film, television industry.

When the news came out, many people who had no idea who Sir George Martin was, confused him with the author of A Song of Ice and Fire series, George R.R. Martin. Here are some of the reactions from people who thought that author was dead.

Finally George R.R. Martin had to issue a statement saying that he was still alive and working on his book. He even tweeted a link to his blog post in which he told everyone that he is still alive and paid a tribute to the late Sir George Martin.

While it is strangely moving to realize that so many people around the world care so deeply about my life and death, I have to go with Mark Twain and insist that the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am still here, still writing, still editing, still going to movies and reading books, and I expect to hang around for quite a while yet, thank you very much.

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