Game of Thrones actor Elie Hahhad shared a photo of the script online

French actor Elie Hahhad is going to join Game of Thrones season 6 and he let the world know about it in a way that might not make the Game of Thrones show runners happy.

Hahhad shared a photo of a script on his Instagram account recently, which turns out to be from Game of Thrones! He has deleted the photo but on the Internet, it’s very difficult to erase information. Even though he deleted the photo, it is available online and also in this post 😉 .

Game of Thrones actor Elie Hahhad shares a photo of the script online

On closer inspection you can see the word Dothraki. As the letters are very small, they are not visible properly. However the scene involves Dothraki men joking about Daenerys. Here’s what Watchers on the wall managed to identify from the photo.

The page contains comments such as “I like her,” and “I’ll bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.” It looks like the word ‘khal’ is on the page as well in a non-dialogue section. One Dothraki man says, “I’d like to know what a khaleesi tastes like,” and another responds crassly, “Good. You can suck my dick.” And then they have a good laugh about it.

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