Artist created an enormous Game of Thrones artwork in the snow and it’s stunning!

British artist Simon Beck created an amazing Game of Thrones artwork in the snow which is the size of 2.5 Football pitches and took him 13 hours to create. It took Simon 64,800 footsteps to create the stunning Direwolf sigil of House Stark in the snow. The most incredible thing about this artwork is that he only used a compass as his guide while creating the Direwolf sigil.

Simon worked with Sky Atlantic for creating the Game of Thrones artwork. In the video, Simon tells Sky

The first thing you’ve got to work out is which way round you’re going to turn the drawing and where to start it so you don’t run off the edge of it.

The second stage is measuring a skeleton of accurately plotted lines that go through the drawing, and once you’ve got enough points measured out you can then do a join up the dots process.

Take a look at the video.

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